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  • WALGA proactively promotes games, game studios, people, education, events and training centers from Wallonia. 
  • WALGA delivers all materials relevant to gaming and serious gaming in Wallonia and acts as a hub to make sure people are aware of things that are happening in the network.


  • WALGA regroups all Wallonia individuals and companies active in or connected to the games industry. 
  • We try to foster and nurture an active network of professionnals and students through events and meetings organized by third parties, partners (like Meet & Build>) or directly by the association.


  • WALGA represents 15 studios and almost 70 freelancers in communication with government, non-gaming businesses, international organizations in and outside of Wallonia.
  • We partner with other associations to promote Wallonia and the belgian games industry outside of our borders.


  • WALGA advises creators and videos game studio in their first games 
  • We coaches and help the entrepreneurs in their business strategy, their investment plan, the game play of their games, their technical challenge, etc…


If you want to join the WALGA, contact us below (with your email, URL of your website, company name). After a simple check of your existence, you will be added to our Member List.

There are 2 membership options:

– Member organizations are companies or freelancers boasting an official company registration number (BTW BE) or VAT number. Members can vote at the statutory assembly and thus influence WALGA’s regulations and future missions.

– Member users are students, enthusiasts… They cannot vote, do not benefit from WALGA services for free.


If you are looking for a federal association (Belgium-wide), FLEGA and WALGA created in 2015 FAB Games (Federal Association of Belgian Games).

If you want to contact us regarding a partnership, a subscription or just to say hello feel free to use the following email adress: contact[at] (replace the [at] by the usual @).
Hey why is this site in English by the way? Game development is competing on a world wide scale, English is therefore the main language when it comes to developing, publishing and marketing games. While we like our culture (speaking French, Dutch or German), we think that all game developers should do some efforts on that aspect and make English their default language if we want to stand outside our borders.


Feel free to contact us using the form on this page. Please make sure you include all information relevant and obviously a working email address so we can reply to you.

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