Tax Shelter

Benefit from a subsidy of up to €1 million!

What are the advantages of Tax Shelter for video games production in Belgium?

  • The system is open to Belgian productions as well as eligible European or International coproductions working with Belgian producers (game development studios, no limitation on shareholding).
  • The net investment return on average is +/- 25 % of the total production budget (limited to +/- 1 million grant).
  • Production expenses (as long as they are normally taxed) are eligible in the entire European Economic Area.
  • Grant paid upfront at the beginning of the production (once the Tax Shelter work agreement and Investors contract are signed).
  • Producers (game development studios) keep 100% of their revenues and full ownership of the IP. Tax Shelter Investors take no part in the game production’s development or decisionmaking.

What are the possibilities for European and International studios?

  • Coproduction with Belgian studios (with double grants from both countries or just from Belgium, limited to 50 % public funding of the total budget).
  • Subcontracting with Belgian studios can be used to lower the production costs, but it requires negotiation between the studio and its client.
  • Opening a subsidiary in Belgium to benefit of the Tax Shelter grant and at the same time benefit of our skilled workforce.

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